Cool Guy Radio

a liquidsoap / icecast internet radio station

Artwork by Dan Hood

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Previous recording: piano.2019.08.04-1719.10

*If not live, a randomly selected previously recorded show will play.

Archives are available in the playlists below.

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What is "Cool Guy Radio"?

Cool Guy Radio is an Internet Radio Station.

The live broadcast is served by a Digital Ocean Droplet running Icecast on Fedora .

The broadcast is captured by a Intel NUC5i7RYH computer, with a Tascam US4x4 audio interface for line-in. The NUC is running Ubuntu 18.04.2 Server, with Liquidsoap handling the transmission to the Icecast server.



Some changes to the setup & added a new project.

A Digidesign MBox (a gift from Alex Hemard) to capture the audio from the Boss RC-1. The Tascam has been moved to serve as a preamp/mixer for the rest of the signal chain. I am also using a Marantz EQ-20 after the Tascam. The equalizer is an inheritance from my uncle, Evans.

Additionally, I have added the output of a related project in the the library of previous recordings. The recordings are made on the with the setup detailed here: nws.piano. I have also added the embedded player for those files below.


I edited the site to reflect newest changes.

Previous Recordings

Volume 2: 'infinityl00ps' (2019 - )

nws.piano (2019 - )

Volume 1: CoolGuyRadio (2015 - 2017)

Special Thanks

This project would not have come together without help from Alex Hemard, a true cool guy.

Much love to Michelle, my family, friends, and everyone -- and extra special thanks to you, for listening!


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