Cool Guy Radio

a raspberry pi / liquidsoap / icecast internet radio station

What is "Cool Guy Radio"? :sunglasses: :radio:

Cool Guy Radio is an Internet Radio Station. The live broadcast is served by a Digital Ocean Droplet running Icecast on Fedora .

The broadcast is captured by a Raspberry Pi B+ model computer, with a Behringer UCA202 sound card for line-in. The Raspberry Pi is running Raspbian , with Liquidsoap handling the transmission to the Icecast server.

Stream Live*

*Regarding the live stream: If I am not live broadcasting, the stream resorts to a collection of my previously recorded music, files ranging back as far as c. 2003 to the present day, played at random. Previouly recorded Cool Guy Radio live broadcast can be found numbered and dated in the playlist below.

Previous Recordings

Special Thanks

This project would not have come together without help from Alex Hemard, a true cool guy.

Much love to Michelle, my family, friends, and everyone -- and extra special thanks to you, for listening!

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